What Would Brian Boitano Do?

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Picture Courtesy of Food Network

Olympic gold medalist, Food Network star, and real life super-hero, Brian Boitano came by Precita Park this weekend to film an episode of his Food Network show "What Would Brian Boitano Make?".

The inspiration of the show is the SF Street Cart scene.  Some of your favorite SF Street Carts were out this Sunday to feed Brian, hundreds of foodies, and get on Food Network.  The Creme Brulee Guy, Magic Curry Cart, Sexy Soup Lady, Soul Cocina, Lumpia Cart, Pizza Hacker, Gumbo Cart, Wholesome Bakery, Smitten Ice Cream, Evil Jerk Cart, Sweet Constructions, The Chai Cart, and yours truly Adobo Hobo were all together on a beautiful (FINALLY) day in the park.

Brian came by camera crew filming.  He went along trying the different food carts and word on the street (from fellow Twitter follower b_frank) "When I asked Brian, he said the Adobo was one of his favorites."  Woot woot!

Thanks for Food Network, Brian Boitano, and all the peeps who came out to make it a fun event.

Pics from the event under the cut.

Crazy amount of peeps at Precita

Brian checking out the Adobo Hobo 

Jay pointing to where the magic happens


Nom nom nom

Thanks to Amy for being an awesome photog.


mindi said...

I noticed that the first photo is showing the back of The Chai Cart and Sweet Constructions cookie cart but there is no mention of these two carts at Precita Park. You can find these carts @TheChaiCart and @sfcookies.

Alona said...

Hey, that is the Sweet Constructions gals. I love their cookies.

Congratulations Adobo Hobo!

Ed Man Chew said...

Sorry Sweet Constructions and Chai Cart. I knew I would forget some people...

Scott Simons said...

didn't try the adobo hobo but hooked up with soul cucina, nabbed some tasty treats from Sweet Constructions and then finished off with a tasty za from the infamous hacker

Jeanne said...

Sweet Constructions (see the two behinds in the 1st photo) is awesome. I bought a box of 12 cookies and 2 cupcakes and they were inhaled in all of 5 minutes--if that long. Yummmmmy.

Martin said...

I can't get enough of those Sweet Constructions cookies. I love them...and I was one of the lucky ones that got some cookies before they sold out! YES!!

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