#OutsideIn4 Madness @heartwine Last Night (Thanks to @SoulCocina & @KitchenetteSF)

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Last night was the highly anticipated street food event Outside In #4: Vino x Street Food at Heart Wine Bar in SF.

It was freakin' B-A-N-A-N-A-S.  There was a line out the door all the way down Valencia.  I heard it was an hour or so wait just to get in.  We did try to warn you all that it was going to be bat shit crazy! Via Twitter yesterday:

"Word on da streets is #OutsideIn4 is gonna b bananas. Get there early or don't say we didn't warn you."

The line didn't calm down until about 8PM, too bad we completely sold out by 7.  I think I gave out 2 bowls of remnants to some folks who waited just to try some of that adobo goodness.

For all of you who did try get some adobo, thank you.  For all of you who missed out, we'll be out again this week so don't worry.  I hope that everyone got to at least try some of the other food that was there because we didn't. 

Word on the streetz (notice the "Z" signifying the gangsta-ism) is that Good Foods had some pork belly sliders that would make you slap yo mama and Kitchenette was bringin some madness with their gravy covered fries.  We did get some of that Soul Cocina bhel puri that made me think "Jai Ho" after every bite, bangin' Shanghai lumpias from the Filipino Don Juan Lumpia Cart, and the always grubbin' Gumbo Cart gumbo.  Thanks for the food.  Part of the perks of being in the street cart biz is the free grub.

Much love to Soul Cocina, Kitchenette SF, Heart, and all of you who attended and made Outside In #4 another event to remember.

Also, MUCH PROPS to Tamara Palmer for playing Akinyele's "Put It In Your Mouth" during her set...

So keep your eyes peeled and stay tuned for the next Outside In, Outside In #5.

A few more pics after the jump: