Street Food Vids Hit The Internets via @Mixsterious

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The internet's newest meme, street food.  Tron Guy and Numa Numa, move over!  Chocolate Rain ain't got nothing on Ah Nom Nom.

Adobo Hobo

Pizza Hacker

Wholesome Bakery

Wholesome Bakery Part 2

Gumbo Cart

The Life Changing, "Cupcaking With Mandy"

Linda St. Street Food Revival Night

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Last Friday night was the revival of the Linda St. Street Cart Party, only this time there was a lot more street carts.  The OG's were in attendance such as:
as well some brand new debuting carts:
This night definitely showed the impact of the SF street cart explosion.  Almost 20 carts were in attendance which is almost double the amount from the Moustache Party Night in August and probably quadruple what the original Linda St. gatherings were used to.

You know it's a party when the cops come by!  See you guys at the next one.

Cupcakin' With Mandy feat. The Cupcake Sandwich

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Watch and learn about the "cupcake sandwich" technique.  It was taught to us by a wise man that we met catering an anniversary party in Stern Grove last month.  That guy, whoever he is, definitely deserves a Nobel.

Trust me, this will change your life.

Vid courtesy of Mixsterious for Ah Nom Nom.  Special Guest Stars: The We Eating Crew, Wholesome Bakery, and Ed (me in the background).