The Return of #OutsideIn @LittleSkillet

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For all of you who missed the first Outside In at Baobab Village here's what you missed...

Video courtesy of Mixsterious

You don't want to miss the next Outside In tomorrow night at Little Skillet, 330 Ritch St. SF, CA from 6PM onwards.  Street food and world famous DJ's all to benefit Casa De Las Madres and St. Anthony Foundation.

The Debut of the Sisig Taco

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Here it goes!

Sisig Taco

Gumbo Man smiles after his first bite.

Yesterday marked the debut of the newest addition to the Adobo Hobo menu, the sisig taco at The Temple Lounge in San Jose for the shop.swap.boogie holiday trunk show.

The tacos flew off the shelves (well, actually off the cart) and sold out within half an hour.

Keep following us for the next outing of the sisig taco.

We Eating: Street Food

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Check out the newest episode of We Eating starring The We Eating Crew Gus and Big Jon with special guest SFoodie blogger Tamara Palmer getting their street grub on at the Call to Flavor Benefit for St. Anthony Foundation at Precita Park.

Big-ups to the We Eating Crew.

Street Food Vids Hit The Internets via @Mixsterious

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The internet's newest meme, street food.  Tron Guy and Numa Numa, move over!  Chocolate Rain ain't got nothing on Ah Nom Nom.

Adobo Hobo

Pizza Hacker

Wholesome Bakery

Wholesome Bakery Part 2

Gumbo Cart

The Life Changing, "Cupcaking With Mandy"

Linda St. Street Food Revival Night

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Last Friday night was the revival of the Linda St. Street Cart Party, only this time there was a lot more street carts.  The OG's were in attendance such as:
as well some brand new debuting carts:
This night definitely showed the impact of the SF street cart explosion.  Almost 20 carts were in attendance which is almost double the amount from the Moustache Party Night in August and probably quadruple what the original Linda St. gatherings were used to.

You know it's a party when the cops come by!  See you guys at the next one.

Cupcakin' With Mandy feat. The Cupcake Sandwich

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Watch and learn about the "cupcake sandwich" technique.  It was taught to us by a wise man that we met catering an anniversary party in Stern Grove last month.  That guy, whoever he is, definitely deserves a Nobel.

Trust me, this will change your life.

Vid courtesy of Mixsterious for Ah Nom Nom.  Special Guest Stars: The We Eating Crew, Wholesome Bakery, and Ed (me in the background).

Call To Flavor at Precita Park

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Today we attended "Call To Flavor" a benefit for The St. Anthony Foundation put together by Soul Cocina.

All of your favorite street food carts were in attendance and there to raise money for a good cause.  It ended up to be a successful event and we raised a lot of money for the foundation.

Thanks to all who came and made it successful.

More pics after the cut.

Art and Carts: 1AM Gallery

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This Friday was SHOPWARS at 1AM Gallery and Adobo Hobo, Wholesome Bakery, and Brazilian Bites were there to celebrate the show.

It was a great event and an even better afterparty.  Kegstands and Flip Cup.

Much thanks to the 1AM crew for throwin' an awesome show and a great afterparty. 

More pics of the event after the cut.

Our Homey @soulcocina in SFWeekly.

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Photo Courtesy of Soul Cocina/SFWeekly

Our homey Soul Cocina gets interviewed by SFoodie in SFWeekly.

I told you he's a culinary nut!

Read it here:

Lunchtime in SOMA

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Adobo Hobo served up lunch in the SOMA at South Park yesterday along with the Gumbo Man, Brazilian Bites, Sweet Cart, and Wholesome Bakery.

It was an awesome turnout in a beautiful locale with a lot of hungry business folks.  This might have to become more of a regular occurence so to the people working in the SOMA, stay tuned!

Thanks again to everyone who came.

Call To Flavor

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Street carts unite for a good cause this Sunday from Noon - 3pm hosted by our favorite culinary nut, Soul Cocina.

Come for some great street food and an even better cause!

Some of your favorite street food carts will be serving up the goodness.
Bacon Potato Chips
Toasty Melts
The Gumbo Man
Adobo Hobo
Pizza Hacker
Bike Basket Pies
Wholesome Bakery
Gobba Gobba Hey
The Sweet Cart
Lumpia Cart
Urban Nectar
Magic Curry Cart
& Soul Cocina

Plus Yoga For Kids at 1pm.

Aqui by Yummy Melon for iPhone

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Photo courtesy of Yummy Melon Software via Aqui

Our homey Yummy Melon has created an awesome iPhone app that easily allows you to tweet or blog your exact location.  Keyword is easily. 

Adobo Hobo uses the app to tweet our locations so that the Adobo Hobo fans can easily find us.

You can download it free at the iPhone App Store for a limited time.

Check it out.

I hear from the source that the new update is gonna be sweet.

SFBC Bike-In Movie Night and Ed Man Chew's B-Day.

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Triplets of Belleville and hella street food carts.  I think that almost, if not every, street food cart was in attendance tonight.  From OG's to the new kids.

You can really see the growth of the street food cart scene between the last two Bike-In Movie events.  Street cart attendance had to have tripled in the span of the month between movies.  It's awesome to see the burgeoning street food cart scene as well as be part of it.  It was a great event and it was great to see everybody (venders and eaters) tonight.

Tonight, we finally debuted the long awaited and hugely anticipated "Vegan" adobo.  It came across as a huge success and we received really good feedback about it.  Tonight's vegan adobo featured long beans, bok choy, okra, and potatoes along with the secret Adobo Hobo adobo sauce.  Hopefully it can remain as another option for us.

If you want to see more Bike-In Movie events, please support and join the SFBC today!

Vegetarians and Vegans Prepare to Have Your Minds Blown!

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There will be a "Special Dish" being served at the SFBC Bike-In Movie tomorrow night.

Vegetarians and vegans, prepare to be Hobo'd!

SFBC Bike-In Movie Night

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Setting up at the last SFBC Bike-In Movie Night while enjoying some Brazilian Bites.

The SFBC is having another Bike-In Movie Night on Wed.  The last Bike-In Movie Night featured the movie "Klunkerz" and also had a Q&A session with Gary Fisher, mountain biking legend.

They will be showing The Triplets of Belleville on Wed. and it should be another awesome event featuring a lot of the other street food carts.  A lot of the OG's like Creme Brulee Cart and Magic Curry Kart will be out as well as a newcomer, Adobo RollO, who will be serving up a pork adobo with a coconut based sauce. 

Ride out and enjoy the movie along with some good eats.

See you there!

12 Delicious Street Food Vendors Using Twitter

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Check out the list.  A lot of the homies are on it.

Read it: 12 Delicious Street Food Vendors Using Twitter. (courtesy of Shali's Tumbling Thoughts)

Arts and Carts

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Fabric8 Gallery Grand Opening
Receiver Gallery - Skinwalker by Brian Willmont Opening

Fabric8 last week and Receiver Gallery last night.  What's better than food and art combined? 

Last week's event, Street Art x Street Food at Fabric8 was awesome.  Street food vendors Creme Brulee Cart, Soul Cocina, Gobba Gobba Hey, and us helped celebrate the Grand Opening of the Fabric8 Gallery.  Lots of good food and lots of great art.

Last night, we were at the Receiver Gallery for the opening of Brian Willmont's Skinwalker.  The street cart line-up consisted of Wholesome Bakery, Gumbo Cart, Brazilian Bites, and Adobo Hobo.  Anthony of Anthony's Cookies even stopped by and got about 10 servings of adobo.  BTW, the cookies were off the hook.

Art and food compliment each other perfectly, so you better come out the next event!

Soul Cocina

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Check out our homey Soul Cocina. He's a culinary nut! or Soul Cocina on Twitter - 8 Questions for The Adobo Hobo

Category : , asks 8 questions to Adobo Hobo.

1. “The Adobo Hobo?” How did that come about?
2. How did the whole idea of twittering the location beforehand come into play?
3. Where are you from?
4. Do you have much experience with the street food scene? Or at least, eating street food?
5. To be honest, not a lot of non-Asian people know about adobo is, or do they? Do people look at you all crazy and go “wait, isn’t that some Spanish thing?”
6. Since the Dolores Park or the Mission — where you’ve been serving food — isn’t exactly Daly City, what are some of the questions you get about the food? And have you changed your family recipe any to cater to the crazy hipsters?
7. From the business perspective: How much of this pure money business versus a hobby, versus a way to just get some Asian food up in this?
8. True or false: There’s never such thing as too much garlic.

Find the answers here at

California Report on Street Food Carts

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KQED Radio's California Report featured a segment on the San Francisco Street Food Cart scene yesterday featuring some of the homies; Sweet Cart, The Chai Cart, The Gumbo Cart, and The Pizza Hacker.

Here's the link in case you missed it:

Kevin and Joanie's 10th Anniversary

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Just catered a private event held at Stern Grove last night for Kevin and Joanie's 10th anniversary along with The Creme Brulee Cart, Soul Cocina, Sweet Cart, and Ichi Sushi.

What an awesome idea, Street Food Carts as catering. Genius!

The location was awesome, we were surrounded by trees under the moonlight. Good thing we had the extinguisher just in case!

Congrats again to Kevin and Joanie!

Eat Real Festival

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Over 60,000 people in attendance and 0ver 1500+ people got a taste of Adobo Hobo at The Eat Real Festival in Oakland's Jack London Square.

Super cool event featuring street cart vendors such as The Creme Brulee Cart, Soul Cocina, The Sexy Soup Lady, Amuse Bouche, Wholesome Bakery, Gobba Gobba Hey, along with food truck vendors from around the Bay Area using sustainable ingredients.

Thanks to the Eat Real Festival crew for the awesome event.

Adobo Hobo on TV!

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We are on TV!

Check out the segment on TFC's (The Filipino Channel) "Balitang America"!

Moustache Party at Mission Pool

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8/7/2009 Moustache Street Food Party at Mission Pool!

Our first big event.

Hundreds of people at this event and Adobo Hobo sold out in less than an hour! Thanks to The Sexy Soup Lady and The Magic Curry Cart for throwing such a killer event!

Also thanks to the Eat Real Fest crew for the awesome pics!

Urban Daddy Article.

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Published August 03, 2009

Thriller From Manila
A Filipino Favorite by the Cartful

Lately, you've been gorging yourself on gourmet food served in all manner of portable devices—trucks, pushcarts, bicycles.

And maybe you've gotten a little lost, forgot what street food really tastes like.

Here as a delicious reminder of the humble art of street food is Adobo Hobo—San Francisco's first street food cart helmed by a real estate broker, serving up the ultimate in Filipino comfort food, chicken adobo, by the plateful now...

Read more:

First Ever Media Write-Up!

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SFWeekly's SFoodie Blog write-up of Adobo Hobo's upcoming debut.

Street Food Goes Filipino This Weekend Thanks to Adobo Hobo
By John Birdsall, SFoodie Editor in Pavement Cuisine
Friday, Jul. 31 2009 @ 3:05PM

Silly us. Just when we suggested that street vendors might be beginning to exhaust cooking genres comes Adobo Hobo, hawker of Filipino adobo. Turns out the Hobo's named Jason, a guy in real estate who learned the ins and outs of the dish from his mom (duh). He's making his maiden cart voyage in the Mission this weekend -- follow along on Twitter to find out where and when...

Read more:

Adobo Hobo Grand Opening

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The debut of Adobo Hobo started at Dolores Park Movie Night featuring "16 Candles". 8/1/2009, it seemed so long ago.

Welcome to the official Adobo Hobo blog.

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We've decided to create a blog about our adventures so here it is. Enjoy!