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UrbanDaddy.com publishes an article about Adobo Hobo!

Published August 03, 2009

Thriller From Manila
A Filipino Favorite by the Cartful

Lately, you've been gorging yourself on gourmet food served in all manner of portable devices—trucks, pushcarts, bicycles.

And maybe you've gotten a little lost, forgot what street food really tastes like.

Here as a delicious reminder of the humble art of street food is Adobo Hobo—San Francisco's first street food cart helmed by a real estate broker, serving up the ultimate in Filipino comfort food, chicken adobo, by the plateful now...

Read more: http://www.urbandaddy.com/sfo/food/6419/Adobo_Hobo_A_Filipino_Favorite_by_the_Cartful_San_Francisco_SFO_Restaurant#ixzz0Qv18s6G1


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