8Asians.com - 8 Questions for The Adobo Hobo

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8Asians.com asks 8 questions to Adobo Hobo.

1. “The Adobo Hobo?” How did that come about?
2. How did the whole idea of twittering the location beforehand come into play?
3. Where are you from?
4. Do you have much experience with the street food scene? Or at least, eating street food?
5. To be honest, not a lot of non-Asian people know about adobo is, or do they? Do people look at you all crazy and go “wait, isn’t that some Spanish thing?”
6. Since the Dolores Park or the Mission — where you’ve been serving food — isn’t exactly Daly City, what are some of the questions you get about the food? And have you changed your family recipe any to cater to the crazy hipsters?
7. From the business perspective: How much of this pure money business versus a hobby, versus a way to just get some Asian food up in this?
8. True or false: There’s never such thing as too much garlic.

Find the answers here at 8Asians.com: http://www.8asians.com/2009/08/07/8-questions-for-the-adobo-hobo/


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