Yelp! Goes Gaga for @AdoboHobo

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Yelpers are crazy party-ers.  We want to thank Ligaya T. for the invite to an awesome YEE (Yelp! Elite Event) and thank all the Yelpers out there for coming out and all the great feedback.

Sorry for running out of utensils but much props to everyone who got MacGuyver (or MacGruber) on it out there and made chopsticks out of straws and spoons out of shot glasses.  Bigger props to those who went Filipino style and got their hands all up in the adobo!


Some Yelpers getting gansta with it and eating adobo with their hands while in an asian squat position.

Check out Jay's review of the party and my review on Yelp! along with all the other Yelp attendees. 

Thanks again Yelp!


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